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HMRC Enquiries, Investigations and Powers

Editor: Mark McLaughlin (CTA (Fellow) 

ATT (Fellow) TEP)

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HMRC Enquiries, Investigations and Powers

What can you expect from the latest issue: articles include:

  • Mark McLaughlin highlights recent cases involving penalties with professional assistance.
  • Geoff Lloyd and Amy Smith provides an overview of HMRC's information powers and how they are used in practice.
  • Russell Cockburn illustrates a recent PAYE problem encountered by a business during a HMRC inspection visit
  • Jacqui Mann and Nigel Nordone highlight HMRC's recent attacks on media personalities.
  • Ian Roberts looks at changing face of agreeing on settlement of an HMRC enquiry.

Even though HMRC Enquiries, Investigations and Powers focusses on specific areas, its potential scope remains very wide. There will be regular articles in categories which include:

  • HMRC enquiries and related issues
  • ‘Serious’ civil investigations (i.e. Code of Practice 9 and the contractual disclosure facility)
  • HMRC powers with particular emphasis on those powers commonly associated with the other two categories (e.g. discovery, information notices, accelerated payment notices, etc.) 
  • Tax avoidance scheme enquiries 
  • Disclosure campaigns 
  • Tax fraud